Portable Computers
Mobile Computing

For mobile computing when you need to take your data with you or to collect it in the field portable computer systems are the answer!

Portable computers can range anywhere from an electronic replacement for your appointment book and small enough to fit in your shirt pocket to the size of a briefcase with enough power to replace your desktop system.

This page outlines the uses and benefits of each portable computer type so you can compare and decide which best meets your needs. Additional pages describe each type in more detail.

Handheld Computers are best suited for storing personal information that you want to have always close at hand such as appointments, to do lists, address book information, and so forth. Because this is the type of information they are designed for they are sometimes referred to as PDA's (personal data assistants). For more information on handheld computers click here. Portable Computer Handheld Palm Pilot

Mobile Computing & Tablet PC's

Tablet PCs give you full PC power with a special version of MS Windows. Tablet PC's let you write like you would with pen and paper using the tablet pen or enter text by speech. For portable computer tablet PC information click here.

Notebook Computers give you all the power of a desktop plus portability. If you need portability, but don't want to buy two computers you can use a docking station to easily hook up your notebook PC to a full size keyboard, a full size monitor, a mouse, a printer, and other desktop peripherals. To see current laptop computer models click here. Notebook or laptop computer

Wearable Portable Computer Wearable Computers give you full PC power you can use while you are on the move. The other portable computers are designed to be easily transported from place to place and then setup for use. Wearable PC's let you use the computer while you move about. For mobile computing information on wearable PC's click here.

Portable Computer Operating Systems

Handheld computers are different enough from desktop PC's that they typically do not use the same operating system software as a desktop model. The two most popular OS's for the smallest portables are Windows CE from Microsoft and Palm OS from 3 Com.

Notebook, tablet and wearable computers generally include all of the basic components of a desktop PC so they are best utilized by running the same OS as a desktop model. Some of these portables include extensions to the OS specifically tailored to the each model's needs.

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Portable computers - the latest models.

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