Monitoring Systems

Monitoring Systems Automated monitoring systems make taking measurements, recording and analyzing data less time consuming, tedious, and inefficient. Computerized systems are ideally suited to the task.

Controlled Atmosphere Storage

Research performed by scientists at the USDA determined that certain fruits (primarily apples and pears) could be stored for much longer periods of time with less deterioration at low oxygen levels, but if the oxygen levels where allowed to go too low for too long it would ruin the fruit quality. Since fruit respiration and other factors are constantly at work altering the amount of oxygen in the storage rooms it is necessary to continuously monitor the oxygen and carbon dyoxygen levels. Operators of controlled atmosphere storage facilities soon found that it was much easier to monitor and control these levels using a computer system.

Now several countries to whom the United States exports fruit have programs in place that require some form of proof that the fruit was stored at or below certain temperature levels for a specified number of days. Once again the computer control system has proven an excellent tool for monitoring, recording, and reporting to meet these requirements.

Click here for a summary of these and other benefits of a computerized monitoring system for controlled atmosphere storage facilities.

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