Sensors for Data Acquisition & Control Sensors are an essential component in any computer system designed to control, measure, or test. Choosing the right type of sensors is important.

Sensor Types

Some sensors simply detect the presence or absence of a condition and produce a high or low electrical signal that corresponds to the state detected. These on/off sensors are easily interfaced to computer systems.

This type of sensor is often used security systems to detect whether a door is open or closed or whether something is moving in a room. Another application is to detect whether a piece of machinery or equipment is on or off.

Other sensors used in computer control systems convert the measurement of some physical force or parameter into an electrical signal - generally either a varying resistance, voltage, or current. For the computer system to use this data it must be converted into a digitally represented number. Analog to digital convertor circuits are used to perform this function.

Analog sensors are used to measure such things as temperature, pressure, humitidy, dissolved substances, gas levels, light, and color to name just a few.

For a computer control system to control a variable control parameter such as a motor's speed or a valve's position digital to analog convertors are required.

There are sensors and actuators available for many different applications and more are being developed all of the time.

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