Internet Dial-up Access

Dial up access is cheap Internet access for both home and business users and is the Internet connection that is not restricted by location. Using dial-up access and and a portable computer you can connect to the Internet even while traveling.

Dial-up Access Considerations

Reliability – can you get on any time or does the company periodically have down times or lines that are too busy for everyone to get on when they want to.

Support – hours support is available, types of support available (e-mail only may not do much good if you can’t get connected to send the e-mail).

Speed – some companies don’t offer high-speed (56K) modem access.

Restrictions – some companies have limits on the number of hours per month, limits as to the length of any one connection, and limitations based on the day of the week or time of day.

Extras – will they provide you with a copy of an Internet browser, is an e-mail account included, personal web space, access to newsgroups?

Spam – what is their policy regarding spam or unsolicited, bulk e-mail? Do they provide spam filters as part of their service?

Cost – is there a setup fee in addition to the monthly access fees? Some companies offer you a discount if you will pay for larger blocks of time in advance.

Dial-up Access for Home & Business

Cheap Internet access without annoying pop-up ads or hassle for home and business with outstanding customer service.

CogniSurf Dial up Access Get CogniSurf Unlimited Internet Service starting from $7.95 per month with 56K connections. Thousands of dial-up locations in the U.S. with top quality customer service.

CogniFast Dial up Access With FREE anti-spam/anti-virus protection included and FREE toll-free customer service, CogniFast is the value priced leader for quality Internet service with access across the US and Canada.

Dial-up Access for Travelers

Toll Free ISP - global origination Internet Prepaid global dialup Internet access connection for travelers. Low cost - high quality Internet access for those who don't need more than 20 hours per month of Internet connectivity. Pay as you go pricing plans.

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