Internet Services

The Internet is a multimedia medium for the transportation of information that virtually anyone can use. To get Internet service all you need is a computer, some form of access, and something for online security.

The Net can be used to transmit information or data that is text, sound, graphics or pictures, and motion pictures including live images and sound. The scope, flexibility, immediacy, and low cost of the Internet make it the most exciting media available for many uses.

Internet Basics

The Internet is a conglomeration of computers and computer networks all interconnected or electronically tied together to form a one very large, global network. It is not a company or a formal organization. When you connect to the network your computer becomes a part of the Internet - a node that data can be transmitted to and received from.

Internet History
A time line of significant events during the development of the Net.

Internet Components
The Internet is more than just email and the web. Here is an overview of the most common Internet components.

Internet Society - A good source of additional in-depth information about the Internet.

Usenet Help - How to use news groups on the Internet.

Internet Access

Which type access best meets your needs? Connection alternatives and how to select the one(s) that match your requirements.

Dial-up Access
For cheap access dial-up is the way to go. These Internet service providers offer dial up access for use at home, in business, and while traveling.

High Speed Internet
Options for high speed Internet access from DSL, satellite, and cable to full T1, OC3 and faster access. Broadband connections for the speed you need.

Internet Security

Online security is important because a lack of adequate computer security may be exposing the data on your computer to the rest of the Net. This is a very real problem that is under appreciated by a lot of people.

Security Check
Do a security check of your computer. Is it secure when you are online? How to test it for free with sample test results.

Network Router
A cable/dsl router for broadband sharing of the Internet allows multiple users to share one access account and provides excellent protection against hackers.

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