800 Toll Free Phone Service

A personal toll free number (also referred to as an 800 number) is a service where the person receiving the call pays for the call, rather than the caller. This allows customers, children in college, family or friends to call you at no cost to them. This is a cost effective alternative to calling cards, pay phones or calling collect. Note - Currently, any phone number beginning with 800, 888, 877 or 866 is a toll free number. We have assembled below the most worthy and cost effective toll-free plans:
Toll Free Phone Service

PowerNet Global Stand Alone Toll Free Service Stand alone toll free service by PowerNet global - no need to switch long distance. 3 special developed rate plans available starting at 3.9 cents/minute anytime and low In-State rates.

AccuDial 5.9/minute anytime The AccuDial Around solution has all of your alternative Long Distance problems solved. There are no per call minimums or surcharges. The service offers highly competitive International rates.

Z-Tel Bundled, unlimited and voicemail services Unlimited long distance, or local and long distance bundled service with outstanding features included such as Personal Voice Assistant, for a low monthly payment. Toll free service available.

Kall8 Follow Me Anywhere 800 Service Route a custom 800 number to your business or residence and change it at anytime using a secure web site. Need freedom? We've got it! Use one of our vanity numbers or use one of your existing numbers by transfering it over.

Covista Communications 3.9 per minute Covista Communications Long Distance. Outstanding (USA-48 origination) service, featuring low intrastate and 3.9 interstate rates with 6-second billing increments.

Unitel 3.9/minute 6-second billing Unitel Long Distance offers business and residents outstanding (USA-48 origination) service, featuring low In-state rates. Online signup. Direct billed via U.S. mail.

Opex 3.9/minute State-to-State - 100 free minutes! Outstanding (USA origination) service, featuring low intrastate and 3.9 interstate rates for residential customers. Full minute billing. Online signup. Receive an 8% discount by prepaying for your OPEX service.

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