Dial Around Long Distance

If you do not want to switch your service for any reason, this will be a perfect opportunity for you - long distance that does not require switching lines. By simply dialing a toll free access code, you can make long distance calls and save over 50%! Dial-around Long Distance

CogniDial Toll-free Dial-around Outstanding (USA-48 origination) service, featuring LOW international and interstate rates Using Dial Around ANI recognition. No per-call surcharge, 6-second billing. Online account management system.

AccuDial 5.9/minute anytime The AccuDial Around solution has all of your alternative Long Distance problems solved. There are no per call minimums or surcharges. The service offers highly competitive International rates.

ZeroCents Unlimited Long Distance Say goodbye to large bills and per minute rates forever. Zerocents allows residential users to call anywhere in the continental United States--anywhere, anytime--for one low monthly bill. No switching phone companies, no set up fees.

PowerNet Global PowerDial Dial Around Ride the Light of the Fiber Optic Nationwide Network of Qwest by PowerNet Global PowerDial dial around service. No need to switch long distance with 6.4¢ State-to-State within US and outstanding International rates.

Kallcents dial-around by ITL Kallcent$ is one of the original toll free origination products in the world, offers great international and US rates, with special rate plans for many residents of Washington state.

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