Telecommunication & Phone Services

The best discount telecommunication and long distance phone services for home and business, and while travelling. Start saving by selecting from one the service categories below. Telecommunication & Telephone Services

Business Phone Service
Discounted business phone service - long distance phone service, wireless cellular, toll free, messaging, conference calls, pagers, and more.

Residential Phone Service for Your Home
Best sources for residential phone service at discount prices - local, long distance, and bundled services - dial around, cellular phone, calling cards, and Internet calling.

Long Distance Price Comparison - Best Rate Calculator
A long distance price comparison tool to find the phone service company that can lower your phone bill. This tool calculates your entire bill, including taxes and surcharges, to give you a true bottom-line comparison.

Long Distance Phone Services
Discounted long distance phone service plans for some of the cheapest long distance telephone rates anywhere.

Bundled Local & Long Distance Phone Services
Get both local and long distance phone service bundled together on a single bill. Complete cheap phone services on one bill for home and small businesses.

Cellular Wireless Service & Phones
Cellular phone wireless services - comparison shop discount plans from AT&T, T-Mobile, Cingular, Sprint, Verizon, and others with free phones.

Dial Around Phone Services
Get great long distance rates using dial around services without having to switch your long distance phone company.

Phone Cards - Calling Cards
Phone cards for long distance calls from and to just about anywhere. Choose a calling card plan that meets your needs from this list of the best plans available.

Toll Free Phone Service Providers
If you want people to call, make it easy for them with toll free phone service. These inexpensive rate plans make toll free service viable for both business and home use.

Unlimited Long Distance
Make unlimited long distance calls for a fixed low monthly rate. Great for home and small business use when you want the freedom to call as often as you like.

Conference Calling Services
Here's how to get conference calling in the US or Canada.

Voice Messaging
Get high quality voice messaging at great discount rates.

VoIP Phone Services
Guide to VoIP phone services. Internet telephony or voice over IP can save you money on long distance phone calls. Find out how here.

Worldwide Phone Services
Great prices on quality phone services for those who reside outside of the US.

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