Residential Phone Service

Antronics Corp. and Cognigen Networks, Inc. bring you the best values for the lowest price in residental phone service for your home... Residential Phone Service

Standard Long Distance Telephone Services Our services with State-to-State rates as low as 3.45¢/minute and no monthly fees will help you save money without giving up the quality you expect and deserve.

Local and Long Distance Bundled Get your local and long distance in a bundle with one low monthly payment and many features included at no additional cost!

Unlimited Long Distance Say goodbye to large phone bills and per minute charges and talk as long as you like for a single low monthly payment.

Cellular and Wireless Services Enjoy the mobility with a major brand cellular/PCS and paging providers offered at discount price

Dial-around Services If you for any reason don't want to switch your existing long distance service, we have an excellent alternative! Enjoy the low rates and keep your existing provider...

Calling Cards You don't need to be away from home to need a calling card if it will help you save money. With a variety of choices you can select a prepaid, or monthly billed card.

Broadband Phone/VoIP Services Save up 90% over your standard phone bill by making phone calls from your PC from anywhere in the World

Satellite TV Get the latest special promotions on satellite TV through the largest authorized Dish Networks disrtibutor in US.

Advanced Residential Best Rate Calculator Let us help you find the best long distance rates in your area!

Local & Bundled Best Rate Calculator Find the best local & bundled rates in your area here!

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