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Antronics Corp. has been providing electronics and computer technology since 1987.

Our goals
  • To help you understand how the technology products and services that we supply can benefit you.
  • To supply the facts you need when there are choices so that you get what you need and want.
  • To help you find and obtain quality products and services that meet your requirements.

Thanks to the Internet we are now able to serve a global market, and have been able to forge alliances and affiliations with more manufacturers, distributors, and service providers to offer an even broader range products and services to our customers.

We provide both off-the-shelf, ready-to-use technology tools and customized technology tailored to meet the needs of unique applications.

The Internet is a great tool for providing the latest information about new technologies of all types. We hope you find our web site useful in your search for technology solutions.

We have endeavored to make our explanations of the various products and services as clear and simple as possible. Please share your suggestions with us as to how we can improve and be of even more service to you.

Thank you,
Antronics Corp.

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2721 - 144th Street SW, Lynnwood, WA  98037  USA

(425) 745-1986

Human Resources

We don't currently have any job openings.

We would like hear from individuals and businesses that might be interested in partnering with us on projects in the future.

We are also interested talking to anyone who might need assistance on technology related projects they are undertaking.

To contact us please send us an email.

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